Bespoke colourful pieces.

Proudly upcycled in New Zealand from discarded materials.

Each one is unique, just like us.

Winter style

City attitude, island soul 🌴

Merino Accessories

These accessories are a chance for me to utilize 92 kilos!! of... 

Don't let the fast fashion industry dictate your style 

Fast fashion is polluting our planet, draining our water, and heating our world. 

It’s telling us what’s stylish based on profit-driven trends and the colour of the season. They dictate what we wear according to our age, gender, and body type.

Ditch the endless cycle of disposable, mainstream fashion. Choose your own fierce colour and bold attitude - and be eccentrically you.

Together we can rock the system, and fight for a more sustainable world where individuality, rather than conformity, is the norm.

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Select from what you see, or request your favourite colour.

I have merino and wool in every color imaginable. If you don't see a combination you like, please email me to order any of my designs in your requested colours.